The Trust

The trust has supported a large number of projects over the past years which has resulted in some excellent research outcomes as well as increasing the skills of people who work in the field of cancer-control.

Our history

The Cancer Research Trust is a registered charity (CC23672) established in 2002. In 2017 the cancer Research Trust NZ changed its name from Genesis Oncology Trust and refreshed the statement of its purpose.

The Trust was set up by Genesis Energy Limited to support the company's commitment to the community and to contribute in a positive way to a major health problem in New Zealand.

Between 2002 and 2015 Genesis Energy was the Trust’s sponsorship partner during which time it endowed funds to the Trust, paid an annual sponsorship fee and running costs, and facilitated its customers making donations via their monthly energy bills.

The sponsorship and customer donation arrangement with Genesis Energy ended in 2015.

The Trust has now set up its own donation payment platform. Donations are welcomed from the public at large to support the funding of cancer research and professional development.

Every dollar donated is applied to the work of the Trust.

The income earned from investments now covers the Trust’s overheads and contributes towards the grants for current and future research projects and professional development awards.

Cancer Research Trust NZ invites individuals and corporates to make donations and to consider partnering with the Trust to help us keep cancer on the run.

The Murray Jackson Clinical Training Fellowship

This award was named in recognition of the vision of the founding Chairperson of the Trust, Mr Murray Jackson. It was Mr Jackson who originated the idea of a Genesis Energy-sponsored charity to fund cancer-control research and education, and whose commitment and drive during its formative years laid the strong foundation for the Trust.

Murray passed away on September 9th 2018.

The John Gavin Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Professor John Gavin was associated with the Trust from its inception and drew up the blueprint for its structure and grant assessment processes. John Gavin was an accomplished scientist and teacher and the annual Post Doctoral Fellowship award is named in recognition of his contribution to the Trust.

John passed away in May 2018.

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