Special Call for applications for Cooperative Group Clinical Trails and Public Health Research

Cancer Research Trust NZ (CRTNZ) funds research across the Cancer Control spectrum, from prevention, through diagnosis and treatment to end of life care. In recent years the Trust has received few research applications in the fields of cancer-related Public Health and Clinical Trials. This has concerned the Assessment Committee and Trust Board, and discussions with key players in these areas have identified that the $80k cap on Research Project funding is a limiting factor. Both Public Health research and Clinical Trials tend to require a large amount of person time (salaries) and it is difficult to fit such research projects into an $80k 1- or 2-year budget.

To address this issue CRTNZ is offering two $200k research project awards, one each in the fields of cancer-related Public Health and Cooperative Group Clinical Trials. Although this is a one-off initiative, it may be repeated in the future.

While it is envisaged that salary costs will be the major component of these awards (for Public Health in particular), expenses can also be included. The awards will be for two years ($100k per year, per project) but could be over a longer period if necessary.

Applications should be made on the Research Project application form on the Trust’s web site and submitted by April 1st 2021. We are currently modifying the application form and this will be available in January 2021. The peer-review period will depend on the number of applications received but will be no longer than 3 months.

To aid in planning please let Douglas Ormrod know if you are going to apply

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